Treatment and Prices


Maintenance Sport Massage

To ensure you stay at your peak in terms of training and performance, regular sports massage is a must. By massaging tight/hypertonic muscle tissue, the risk of injury is greatly reduced.

50 minutes. £35.00



Whether you train regularly or not, most people suffer with stiffness or low-level, localised pain (aka 'niggles'). After initial assessments, regular massage combined with well-informed rehabilitation, can usually remedy these issues.

50 minutes. £35.00


30 Minute Session

Ideal if you just need loosening up or a more focused session. Also can be beneficial for pre/post events. £25.00



Mobile service

Prices start from £45 which covers most areas in Merseyside.


Gift vouchers

These are available for £35 - 50 minutes and £25.00 - 30 minutes. Please message us the postal address so the voucher can be sent out first class.









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